Core Values


In formulating these Core Values we acknowledge a dependence upon God for all that we do.

 "I am the vine; you are the branches. If someone  remains in me and I in him, they will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. (John 15:5)


We also recognise that prayer is vital to all that is done within the life of the Church .


  1. COMMUNITY ‑ We value a strong sense of community where all members experience genuine acceptance and feel like they truly belong. This includes a ready welcome for newcomers.
  2. OUTREACH ‑ We are committed to reaching out to those people in our district who do not have a faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. FLEXIBILITY‑ We value a flexible church structure which can readily adapt to the changing needs of our community.
  4. LEADERSHIP ‑ We value servant hearted leaders who are highly committed to the fulfilment of God's purposes within our Church family.
  5. PASTORAL CARE ‑ We value a strong commitment to love and care for one another.
  6. SPIRITUAL GIFTS ‑ We value the contribution that people make through the use of the gifts that God has given to them.
  7. DISCIPLESHIP‑ We value growing closer to and becoming more like Jesus Christ our Lord and we desire to assist others to grow in  their  knowledge and love of Jesus.
  8. GOSPEL JUSTICE –We value personally relating with people facing times of adversity,coming alongside them and  responding to their needs
  9. WORSHIP SERVICES ‑ We value worship services which will enable people to meaningfully experience the presence of God.
  10. NETWORKING ‑ We value resource sharing and co operation with other Churches and organisations with whom we share common goals
  11. UNITY- We value a Church family which is united and bonded through the Holy Spirit
  12. VISIONARY  - We value a Church family that seeks to actively fulfil the mission and vision that God has given to us